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Using state of the art software, SHOPHUB gets real-time prices on the goods you want. No more walking around trying to find the best price, your answer to that question is merely a few clicks away.

SHOPHUB offers you as a client several packages to choose from. Each package has different options and features to suit your needs. The best place to start is to carefully access which package is most compatible with your needs. After you’ve comprehensively done your assessment just select your desired package knowing that if you find any price that offers you exactly the same elsewhere, we will match that price apples for apples.

Not one cent. The only time you start to pay is if you decide to partner with us as a merchant.

SHOPHUB is a comparison shopping hub for smart shoppers. We provide a price analysis tool that’s current and constantly staying up to date on price changes to provide you with real-time price comparisons using the most pioneering software available.